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Creamy Horseradish Sauce

This sauce is served with prime rib, ham, and steaks. To spice it up a little, add more horseradish.

Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steaks are a reasonably priced steak that is tender, a great flavor and is relatively lean. We find that we are eating these more and more. The whole cuts that are in vacuum packing are great because they freeze well.

Chelo Kabab – Barg

I ate Chelo Kebab when my family lived in Tehran in the late 70’s…many moons ago. Typically chelo kebab was served with saffron rice, grilled tomatoes, sliced red onion, some bitter herbs, and barbari bread. When we returned to the USA, one of the things we missed most was this dish. My father, brother and I went through many recipes trying to get close to that dish and came up with this recipe. When we brought a woman or girlfriend home for the first time to meet the family, it was common to serve this dish.

Rum Cake

This cake is a holiday favorite and a recipe we got from Mrs. Shakeshaft. It keeps in the refrigerator for three months…it just keeps getting better.

Molasses Cake

Delicious cake, moist and molasses forward as the name suggests. If you know how to make a cake…forget about everything you know. This cake is also a great coffee cake.

Green Chile Relleno Soup

This slow cooker recipe is easy to prepare and a wonderful dish to come home to. We spice it up a little with chopped, fire-roasted green chiles.


Latkes and potato cakes have been cooked and served across many different cultures and regions. This recipe was thrown together as part of a Christmas holiday dinner party we threw. Our Jewish friends loved them. 🙂

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