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Prime Rib Smoker

Internal Temperature Cooking Guide (Plus 30-minute rest): Rare: 110F (final temp about 120F) Medium/Rare: 120F (final temp about 135F) Medium: 130F (final temp about 145F)

Italian Steak – Flat Iron

We made this recipe because we enjoy the ribeye steak at the Sicilian Butcher.  This unique technique adds a mild Italian flavor to the steak and wonderfully moist tender steak. I cooked it medium rare, well maybe a little closer to rare than medium.

Creamed Celery Root

Creamed celery root is a smooth and celery forward side that has a more refined and developed flavor that mashed potatoes.

Beef Bourguignon

Also known as Beef Burgundy, beef bourguignon is a hearty beef stew made with red wine, carrots, and onions. Serving suggestion:  Since we are low-carb/keto we serve this with creamed celery root and a simple vegetable.  For the kids, we served it with French fries!

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